YiA 2019 Finalists

Congratulations to all our finalists who now qualify to attend a creative thinking workshop with Erik Hay, Director of Creative Strategy from Weta Workshop, and walk the yellow carpet at the 2019 YiA Awards. Visit our Innovation Showcase at Bayfair or vote online for your favourite finalist in our People’s Choice Award.

Senior Finalists


Aquinas College - Charlotte Watson
An online tool that allows the user to view online garments on their body before purchasing

D-Solve Air Pods and Air Pod Wrap

Aquinas College - Ben Sokimi & Elise Oxenham
Using dissolvable film filled with air as a packaging solution to replace bubble wrap

Klik Tanks

Papamoa College - Geordan Giblett
Interlocking tanks that can be removed and are portable for natural disaster.


Aquinas College - Isaac Jarden
Cardboard made from leaves to be used as an Eco friendly, sustainable packaging solution.

The D.I.G.E.R

Tauranga Girls' College - Ella Waterreus
A machine that sits in a rubbish skip that can sort glass bottles by colour


Otumoetai College - Sarah Latus
A wristband for cyclists which vibrate when cars are passing

Junior Finalists


Aquinas College - Sylvester Green
To redesign diesel fuel nozzles at gas stations with a matching fuel filler cap on diesel vehicles.

Bamboo Bike

Mount Maunganui College - Nick Gibbard & Jackson Meyer
An inexpensive, portable transport system

Beez Forever

Otumoetai College - Mystique Nathan
A bee feeder that can hang in anyone's backyard


Otumoetai College - Sophie Cowan, Scarlett Nicholson & Jenna Brangwynne
A website that you can make/design your own pillow


Aquinas College - Myscha Barry & Leilani Horan
To make a scratch off sticker & mobile app telling people when to take their antibiotics during a course


Otumoetai College - Ashlyn Judkins, Karlia Taylor, Mae Grinlinton & Robert Unsworth
An app incorporating technology that includes: recipes for left over food, healthy but delicious lunch ideas etc


Otumoetai College - Georgia Murray, Kenta Beech, Joel  Kennerley & Logan Roelofs
An electric bike battery renting app

Green Thumbs

Otumoetai College - Ella Crichton
An app that allows companies to collect data through paid surveys. The user is able to donate a percentage of their earnings towards planting trees


Aquinas College - Finley Jones
A device for the elderly, people suffering from Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia

Kiwi Peel

Tauranga Boys' College - Christian Stark
Helps people cut kiwi fruit quicker, safer and easier

Life Scanner

Bethlehem College - Haydon Appleton, Noah Jones & Daniel Aneke
An App that identifies skin cancer early, as well as educating user on prevention methods

Sharks Cradle

Otumoetai College - Megan Lake & Emily Wahab
A cradle like system that temporarily contains sharks for tagging and data gathering


Otumoetai College - Annabel King, Alaya Callinan & Samantha Reyes
To create a more comfortable and more supportive school chair


Otumoetai College - Chiara Giacon & Sienna Paxie
A website with everything teens need to get through their teenage years

The Overhaul Movement

Mount Maunganui College - Marc Agbayani, Daniel Medcalf & Mahinarangi Bezzant
To Reduce and Reuse Plastic Waste

Try Before You Buy

Otumoetai College - Maureece Donovan & Amelie Duffy
To Create an app that allows makeup buyers to browse and test products online before purchasing using facial recognition


Mount Maunganui College - Grace Momsen
An app that allows the user to have access to immediate video recording and emergency Services 111

Intermediate Finalists


Aquinas College - Jake Bayly & Eric Shin
To make a cat flap with facial recognition that wont open if your cat has something in is mouth

Clean Cuts

Aquinas College - Phoebe Watson
Paper Straps that the supermarket butchery or deli put around your own containers and seal with their stickers

How R U

Aquinas College - Keisha Abrau & Claire Ma
To create an app that helps people suffering from depression and their families

Live Wirez

Aquinas College - Erin Moore & Callum Roberson
A non-permanent power cord cover that sticks to both carpet and hard floors to prevent tripping

Waste Not Rot-Pot

Aquinas College - Stevie Shaw
To make seedling planter pots from a bi product that comes from pulp and paper mills.