YiA Judges

Alex McCall

Entrepreneur & Venture Scout

Having been unanimously voted back on the panel, Alex is going for round three this year as guest judge and MC with yia! With his experience comes a well-trained eye and natural instinct to seek out our future global leaders in innovation, technology and impactful entrepreneurship.

Hailing from Tauranga, Alex’s background in Earth Sciences, paired with his enthusiasm for all things tech, has put him on the map as one of Aotearoa’s leading serial tech start-up entrepreneurs. His experience in fintech, conservation, education and virtual reality led to his successful role as founder of Nude Greens and has more recently put him on a path exploring connections between regenerative agriculture and technology.

Alex believes the tools and skillsets learned during the yia! program are quintessential to any young innovator, entrepreneur, intrapreneur or human wanting to do things better in the world, and this has been a driving force for his return as guest judge. His key tip for all those interested in this space is to understand how to change a 'no' into a 'yes'. Look at things you could improve on in a pitch, call or conversation; change it and ask again. Never stop moving forward and always aim for the stars.