June 12, 2018

Four Tips for Communicating Your Innovation

Four Tips for Communicating Your Innovation

As you head into the final few weeks of YiA, it's time to consider how you will communicate your innovation to the judges.

Communication is one of the YiA judging criteria, worth 5 out of 25 points - so it's a pretty big deal! A great innovation will only take you so also have to prove that you can communicate your idea through writing, sketching and prototyping, and your video.


Your worksheets are a good way to either make or break your written communication with the judges. They will be looking for sheets that are fully filled in and easy to understand so be thorough and direct.

This is your chance to walk the judges through your innovation process, from identifying a problem to your customer research to the end point: your unique product or service.

See 2016 senior winner Lydia Gilmour's worksheets for inspiration.

Sketching and Prototypes

Have you included any photos, drawing, sketches or prototypes within your worksheets? Using visual aids helps get across your idea and also shows the judges that you have done your research and put in the hard yards.

See 2016 winner Sam Sheaff's worksheets for an excellent example of sketching and prototyping.

Catchy Videos

Now that we're just weeks away from the deadline, it's time to consider your video. You only have 30 seconds – use them well!

Remember to:

  • Include all relevant info on your innovation
  • Avoid background noise – we want to hear you
  • Hold the phone horizontally – nobody wants to see those blurry bars on the sides
  • Stick to the time limit
  • Be original – this is your time to shine, be memorable and stand out from the crowd

Bonus Points for Creativity

Creativity and innovation go hand-in-hand. Being creative throughout your communication process will grab the judges's attention, making them sit up and listen.

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