YiA Judges


Blythe was the Creative Director at Locus Research. He is very experienced at directing research and product development targeted at delivering new creative insights and market opportunities through the effective application of design. Blythe talked about the concept of “Prealisation,” commercialising early, almost from day one of your project. It’s based on going early to market and using the market to drive R&D activities.


  • Great insights lead to great ideas. To gather such insights put yourself in the shoes of real people, live like they do, dial in your intuition, and listen with your eyes. Then envision what you have learnt and reframe the big idea.
  • A good process is instrumental. Invest in your development process, it's your biggest asset and a key instrument to help you navigate your way from insight to market. But remember, at times, it will lead you and you will lead it, so always trust your instinct.
  • Work at the intersection of innovation. Be cross-functional by combining science with art, engineering, design, and human factors. The normal approach is to place a project manager at this junction, but here where innovation collides, you need art direction.
  • Execution is everything. To win on innovation you first need to win on communication, so make it look awesome.
  • Read more about Prealisation in Blythe's blog: Innovating on Instinct.