YiA Judges


R&D Executive

Rob is the R&D Executive at Gallagher, one of NZ’s iconic companies. Gallagher is celebrated a milestone 75 years in business, in 2013. Rob’s vision: “Innovation is not an R&D activity, it is a business activity”; all parts of the business need to work together to identify new possibilities, contribute to the generation of new ideas, and take responsibility for their respective roles in the realisation of new products and solutions. I really liked Rob’s definition of innovation – “fresh thinking that creates value”. Another good one liner from him was: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Superb.


• Develop deep customer empathy

• Grow capabilities to turn customer insights into great designs

• Product development is a collaborative learning process

• Innovation is 10% and successful commercialisation is 90% of the work

• It is the people and the culture that drive your innovation