YiA Judges


Siobhan was another to highlight the importance of people to her business. First and foremost she was inspired by her father, who persevered through hard times to give his large family the best chance possible. She compared her family to a typical lean start-up – the early prototype was her sister, design perfected by the time she was born eight iterations later. Dad, the ‘CEO’, held the team together and gave her the inspiration and structure that lead to her success today. This is to view business without an exit strategy or with monetary goals, but to see the people behind the business and make a product that people want and that serves their needs.

While her company uses the internet as its lifeblood, building online communities for healthcare solutions and sharing experiences, she first recognised that the internet and technology in general can be isolating, antisocial. Social Code aims to break past the barriers of the internet by bringing people together with shared experience, where “patient engagement is the new blockbuster drug”.

The tool helps to bring patients, their support team, and clinicians together in a supportive framework to deliver better health outcomes. The service, rather than being paid for by the consumer, is paid for by hospitals, healthcare providers, health insurers, and pharmaceutical companies to help deliver patient engagement for federal grants and reimbursements, to reduce tests and admissions, improve medication adherence and achieve FDA approval.

Many current online information portals, helped by Dr Google, lack connection and real clinical advice, which is where Social Code steps up, connecting patients to each other, healthcare professionals, and support from friends and family.


• In order to meet disaster with triumph, you must start with something you love.

• Innovate every day - sometimes 5-6 times a day - to consistently improve.

• The biggest part of owning a business is showing up every day, being present in the business and persevering .