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Plus Group

Steve is the owner of the Plus Group of Companies who provide specialised integrated horticultural solutions both domestically and internationally. Steve is also an active angel investor and co-founder of Newnham Park Horticulture Innovation Centre. Although he’s a well-known figure around town, Steve says he’s not a fan of public speaking. We’re not sure why – he was superb, recounting real life tales of trips to the US and the importance of building relationships in export markets.


• Embrace and nurture the wellspring of your creativity and passion. These are the pillars which support your gift of innovation and give it voice. Feed your passion to grow your innovative creativity.

• Avoid or discard those who seek to diminish or hijack your passion. Seek out those who embrace and recognise its potential and worth.

• Challenge the status quo and reject complacency.

• Honour and respect your supporters and sponsors

• It is my responsibility to create a platform to encourage enquiry, stimulate young innovators in my business to question, and allow them the freedom to explore, create, fail, learn, and succeed.

• Innovative thinkers are integral for the success of my business. They are the future of my and New Zealand business. They are New Zealand’s future.