2020 Intermediate Finalists

Have a look at the 2020 intermediate finalists. Voting is Now Open. You can vote for your favourite idea in each category in the YiA Peoples Choice Awards

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The ConnectUs wall

Monique Faire, Aurelia James

Aquinas College

A transportable barrier that separates the visitor and the COVID-19 patient, with built in gloves so they can hold hands to comfort one another while in hospital.

Little Tai

Caitlin Guidera, Ruby Hunt, Beth Mosley

Aquinas College

To make an entertaining friend/doll for kids missing social contact during lockdown.

Chart Check

Cuba Luka

Papamoa College

To create an app that helps people sort their day into a schedule.


Noah Ball, Sam Webb

Aquinas College

To create a contact tracing system using QR codes that everyone will use and doesn't breach people's privacy


Noah Ball

Aquinas College

To develop an efficient contactless paring system for doctors/patients, on the arrival of patients at medical centres.


Noah Ball

Aquinas College

To make an app for tracking PPE stocks for frontline organisations and the Ministry of Health.

The Hand Bag

Amy Evans, Madde Hunt

Aquinas College

To redesign a supermarket produce bag so it can be used as a glove that would allow people to select the fruit and vegetables they want without touching or contaminating other items.


Noah Ball, Lucia Watt

Aquinas College

An app that tells you how long the queue at a supermarket is and how fast it is moving.