2021 Junior Finalists

Have a look at the 2021 junior finalists. Voting is Now Open. You can vote for your favourite idea in each category in the yia People's Choice Awards

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Intermediate FinalistsSenior Finalists

Rap and Strap

Sam Cross

Tauranga Boys' College

Heat and Massage Strapping tape


Khyang Khyang Chowdhury

Otumoetai College

Creating a new student based learning tool specialising in both English and Mathematics

Fruit label / Stamp

Marissa Gardner

Mount Maunganui College

Reduce the number of fruit labels globally or have fruit labels home compostable


Noah Douglas, Antoni John, Reco Quaife, Nrusingha Rath

Otumoetai College

An app which connects people unable to do household chores, with People who will do it for them.

Clear Stability

Liliana Smith, Lilyan Son

Otumoetai College

An adjustable bracelet signifying certain basic emotions/needs in a simple way.


Faith Harris, Mathew Schumacher

Otumoetai College

To create an app that will help to teach how to read lips


Sarah Bryan, Maddy Duncan

Otumoetai College

To make an app that pinpoints local fruit stalls to save time, save money, support locals, and reduce wasted food.

Mind Thrive

Rhea Lal, Paige Martley

Otumoetai College

To create an app/website that helps children and youth understand, manage, and improve their mental health.

Breathe Bands

Amaya Greene, Mia Olsen, Shiloh Warner

Mount Maunganui College

A wristband that helps reduce stress and anxiety

RRN-remember right now

Manni Bernie

Tauranga Boys' College

To offer more AI systems to people who Suffer From forgetfulness so they can be reminded.


Brooke Barry

Papamoa College

Recycling pool floaties into ponchos for little kids in kindergartens


Tawhirimatea Watson

Mount Maunganui College

A unique natural product made from Mamaku Gel

Solution Seaweed

Abby Duncan, Charlie Minshall, Beatrice Proverbs

Otumoetai College

A grid to grow seaweed on that will become an ecosystem and reduce the pH


Sharne Wilcox, Rosa Sharp

Otumoetai College

Static/solar Electricity Torch

Fur Buddies

Dominik Bennett

Otumoetai College

An app that allows you to borrow animals for mental health reasons

Treasure our Trees

Thomas Wigley, Tomás Andrew

Otumoetai College

An app that pinpoints and notifies the community of possible positions of kauri dieback or myrtle rust by logs on phones


Remi Bailey Clark

Mount Maunganui College

To make a Community Waste to Energy plant that turns non-recyclable plastic into Electricity and Syngas.

Simply Positive

Victoria Geck, Genevieve Kennerley, Estee Taylor

Otumoetai College

To provide a free and effective app on Mental Health.


Amelia Shorter, Cleo Putty, Erin Walpole, Haylee Hextall

Otumoetai College

A tracking device that attaches to fishing companies nets that connects to an app helping them retrieve the net if it is lost


Kobi Notman, Raven Howard

Otumoetai College

Healthy energy drinks


Noah Ball

Aquinas College

An app to allow cyclists to locate their nearest cycle repair stations/water sources