2020 Junior Finalists

Have a look at the 2020 junior finalists. Voting is Now Open. You can vote for your favourite idea in each category in the YiA Peoples Choice Awards

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Sneeze Guard

Jacob Graham

Aquinas College

To make a comfortable mask that stops covid 19

OLO - Online Learning Organiser

Kate Dekker

Aquinas College

An app that can connect Microsoft, Google Classroom and other online learning platforms.


Ella Douglas, Mae Grinlinton

Otumoetai College

Portable Handsfree Handwashing Station

Filthy Clean

Sylvester Green, Eric Shin

Aquinas College

To develop an activity/product which will educate children on how to wash their hands properly. Parents will be able to make sure their children wash their hands thoroughly after they get home from school or other places where they could pick up the virus.

Sink Pods (Soapy Ink Pods)

Ocean Mangat, Amelia Shorter

Otumoetai College

- A small amount of liquid soap cased in a water-soluble pod casing with colour indicators showing how you have washed your hands

Interacter Tracker

Stevie Shaw

Aquinas College

A wristband that contact traces Covid-19


Alyssa Gardiner, Karlia Taylor, Robert Unsworth

Otumoetai College

An app containing all the necessary elements a student needs to baby sit a child virtually


Keisha Abrau, Claire Ma, Grace McDonald

Aquinas College

To reinvigorate the New Zealand economy by encouraging New Zealanders to buy NZ products.

Colour Changing Heat Soap

Harleen Bains, Samantha Doets, Sharon Liu, Danielle Severinsen

Otumoetai College

Colour changing heat soap to help wash hands properly

Wash Away

Charlotte McLean

Mount Maunganui College

To create a soap that fizzes fort the appropriate hand washing time

Touch Safe Tissues

Sania Harmine, Charo Heijnen

Otumoetai College

To create a product that enables people to press the pedestrian stop light button safely


Kaia Hopkinson, Finley Jones, Dawn Villegas

Aquinas College

A Toy/Device For Young Children to Make Washing Hands Fun and Effective


Lulu Johnson

Mount Maunganui College

To create a screen between passengers that will stop direct contact and spread of bacteria


Holly Van den Borst, Mila Laurie

Aquinas College

To create a snack that helps reduce stress and is suitable for people with diabetes to eat between main meals

The P.O.D App (Proof of Delivery

Erin Moore

Aquinas College

To create an App allowing Courier drivers to get proof of delivery & receipt of packages by customers


Claire Ma

Aquinas College

To create a platform to pair volunteers with elderly people who need to remain in isolation

Hands On

Jack McClutchie

Otumoetai College

A trolley handle cover